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Welcome to the Mad Potter!

We are a walk-in kiln fired art studio.  We offer Paint-Your-Own Pottery and Glass fusing.  Come in and pick out a project, spend time creating a unique piece of art, and in one week you can come pick up your finished project.  

We have hundreds of options to choose from and we offer many samples you can copy or you can bring in your own designs.    

“Great place for a fun family outing!  The hardest part was trying to choose something to paint from all of the options.

We were able to make a unique birthday present to give to Grandma and have the memories to keep for ourselves."

- Katie S.
How it Works

Paint-Your-Own Pottery

Come in and pick out a piece of bisque to paint.  We will give you some brief instructions for painting and if you see one of our samples that you would like to copy, we can give you all the secrets to to create it.  Once you're finished it takes us a week to glaze and fire your pieces.

We have pieces that start off at $5 and go up to $150, but on average it will cost around $20-$25 a piece.

“Great place and friendly staff!  We'll be back for sure!!"

- Emily D.

"Tried the fused glass this time with my son.  Good alternative to painting pottery.  My son had a lot of fun cutting all of the glass.  The staff was helpful and patient."


Glass Fusing

Start off with a pre-cut glass base piece.  From there you will cut and layer colored pieces of glass into whatever design your heart desires.  Once you are happy with the design we will fuse (melt) your glass into one piece in the kiln.  We can also melt your glass into a mold and turn your project into a bowl.

Due to limited kiln space, it can take up to 3 weeks to get your project back.  

- Ben J.
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